Inebrya comes from the Italian verb “inebriare” that means making someone happy, excited, energized and stimulated. The inspiration gives rise to the philosophy of the brand born in 1999 in Italy with the goal to meet the needs of haircare professionals around the world.

Irresistible fragrances, refined packages that play with transparency and pastel colours, soft and impalpable textures, structures as delectable as a creamy dessert. Every Inebrya product has a strong seduction power and can lead anyone to an alternative world made up of beauty, comfort and warmth. But the Inebrya world is equally a world of functions and performances intended for hairdressers who aim at achieving the best, who want to gain customer loyalty through heart and senses, but especially results.

The unique and unmistakeable Made-in-Italy style careful to details, quality and fashion aims at getting all over the world. In hair, this translates in the combination of soft and velvety, graceful and harmonious colours and in the search for hairstyles that enhance the full volume of shapes.

The full range covering all technical areas, product performance and completeness in the professional sector allow us to offer salons a complete brand experience that ranges from style inspiration to all technical supports.