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At Trade Force Brands we carry out extensive analysis and evaluation work before preparing and delivering results and solutions

Selective Brands Distribution Spain and Portugal

As we are committed to quality, we always work with the best brands

We provide more than 80 selective brands.

Our portfolio includes more than 50.000 products

Trade Force Brands caters to all types of clients in the beauty industry: starting with freelancers who started their adventure selling on Marketplace from home to multinational companies.

B2B Platform

It is the tool that replaces traditional sales teams, expanding the “World Wide” coverage area and maximizing the company’s efficiency: financially and operationally.

API-level integrations with customers come to 100% automate the entire sales process.


We give our customers the possibility to connect to our stock, soon with different country options, replicate the inventory on their website/Marketplace and at the time the consumer makes the purchase, the product is sent from the store closest to the store. delivery address.

We want to provide the client with:

The best-selling brands and references in the world

The most advanced picking and B2B logistics

The best land, sea and air transport companies

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