Leonor Greyl

LEONOR GREYL began with a meeting of minds – and hearts: Leonor, with her passion for hair beauty and health met Jean-Marie, an engineer with an interest in botany. Together, they created natural hair care products unlike anything on the market at the time.

In 1968, when Leonor met her future husband, Jean-Marie, she discovered not only a man’s love but also a man with an extraordinary knowledge of plants and applied botany. Championing naturality long before a mainstream interest in “organic” or the arrival of “eco-chic” beauty brands, their joint project to create hair care based on plant derivatives and natural active ingredients became an exchange of experience and vision that would endure a lifetime.

Still today, LEONOR GREYL remains a family affair before all. Under the leadership of Caroline Greyl, the daughter of Leonor and Jean-Marie, the brand is present in more than 450 hair salons and in over one hundred department stores and specialty shops across 50 countries worldwide. Caroline carries the torch of her parents’ vision and drive, together with her husband, David Thomas Brooks, an American plant biologist. For years he worked with Jean-Marie to be able to transmit his unique know-how in product creation. Today, they continue a family passion with a contemporary mindset and deep respect for tradition and style.

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