Jane Wurwand, soul and founder of dermalogica, beautician qualified and trained in the United Kingdom, arrives in the United States in 1983. She soon realizes that there are hardly any professionals there with advanced studies in the field of professional aesthetics and decides to take action. .

The dermalogica story begins when Jane realizes the need in the cosmetics industry for products that fit her visionary way of caring for her skin.
Jane cares about skin health. If the skin is healthy, it is beautiful. For this reason, in January 1986, Dermalogica was born as a brand. 27 products for use in the professional and retail salon that changed the cosmetics industry, forever.

Dermalogica is a complete line of products that treat any skin problem and are recognized for what they provide and for their results but, above all, for what they do not contain: no mineral oils, no lanolin, no isopropyl myristate, no colorants no artificial fragrances, no S.D dry alcohol, no formaldehydes, no parabens and no soap.

As a brand, dermalogica immediately breaks with the prevailing stereotype of beauty and glamor in skin care. Jane cares about her health and that is why she trusts professionals for her care and treatment. Also, manufacturing has always been carried out in the USA. We have never tested on animals and it is only distributed through professional channels such as beauty salons with qualified personnel, spas and medical centers. In just over 20 years, dermalogica has become the number one choice of skincare professionals.