Beauty Pillow

Beauty Pillow is the specialist in satin pillowcases! Our pillowcases are pure goodness for your skin and hair. In maart 2013 Beauty Pillow was launched at the Beauty Trade Beurs in Utrecht with the slogan “Beauty Pillow, because you deserve this luxury!”. It was directly taken up by the trade press and many lifestyle shows on TV. From there Beauty Pillow took off and is became part of the world of beauty.

A third of our life we spend sleeping. Our busy life’s make us realize increasingly that sleeping is of substantial importance. With Beauty Pillow you get those lovely sleeping moments that you deserve and are so important at the same time. Sleeping on Beauty Pillow’s soft satin gives you a feeling of luxury and indulgence and is caring for your skin and hair. It namely regulates the production of sebum and keeps the skin and hair moisturized. In addition, it has a polishing mode of action. The result is waking up shiny and starting the day fresh, free from sleep folds in your face and a messy haircut. This implies no hurry in the morning and more spare time for the things that are truly important. Who wouldn’t want that? Be a sleeping beauty with Beauty Pillow!

We belief it is very important that the quality of Beauty Pillow is consistent. Therefore, Beauty Pillow is produced in Dutch ateliersDaarom wordt Beauty Pillow geproduceerd door Nederlandse ateliers; true Dutch Design.

Beauty Pillow is a brand of The Beauty Lab BV.

The satin we have chosen for our pillowcases is of the highest quality and does not have a coating that can be washed out. Staisn are easily erased and Beauty Pillows can be washed at 40°C. The white Beauty Pillow, which we primarily advice for problematic skin, can even be washed at 60°C. Thereafter, the Beauty Pillow is suitable for the dryer out of which it comes wrinkle-free. However, we advice to hang the Beauty Pillow, which enhances the durability.

The fine structure of the closely woven satin ensures the preservation of the moisture in the skin and hair, and is not absorbed as with cotton, which prevents the facial skin from feeling tight. It namely regulates the production of sebum and keeps the skin and hair moisturized. In addition, it has a polishing mode of action. A smooth skin and radiating hair is the result, without tangles and fuzz. Another benefit is that caring products are not absorbed by the satin and continue to do their job for the skin and hair. Lastly, a nicely blow-dried haircut keeps its shape longer, hairpieces and extensions stay in place better, your hair gets fatty less quickly, sleeping folds do not stand a chance, wrinkles fade, pimples and impurities diminish and a lit skin gets the chance to calm.