Apothecary 87 is the extra-ordinary grooming brand.

The story behind Apothecary 87 related by Sam W Martin:

“I spent most of my 20’s working at the top of my industry as a mixologist & bar consultant. I had a CV far beyond my years. However when I started my own company in the bar industry, I found it very hard to be taken seriously, as I looked too young; at this point I decided to grow a beard. I soon found that not only did people take me more seriously, but they remembered me!

After a while I realised my beard needed looking after and conditioning, so I spent many moons researching the best ingredients to make a beard oil that was all my own.


I now had 2 products ready to go, and wanted to start advertising. One of my closest friends was a fantastic barber; I asked if he would help me by advertising at conventions and by throwing some amazing parties to raise awareness for men’s health. It was he who said that if I was going to create these products, I should make shave oils and creams for him to use. This is when I made my shave oil and started researching how to create my own shave cream (recently perfected).”