It all started in the 1970s, when Mr. Pierre Fabre, a pharmacist from Castres, passionate about botany, chose oats, a plant that was forgotten at the time, but had been used for more than three millennia for medicinal purposes. This was the beginning of a long search that continues today in southwestern France.

As a dermatological brand totally dedicated to the care of fragile skin, we do not compromise on efficacy or safety. All our hygiene and care products are formulated with the same rigor. They are specifically designed to meet the needs of fragile skin, from children to the elderly, and undergo numerous medical tests to ensure optimal efficacy and tolerance.

Almost 40 years ago, A-DERMA invented plant dermatology, a new way of caring for fragile skin.

What if plants were the key to taking care of fragile skin, all types of fragile skin? We were convinced of this when we started, at a time when the natural was not on everyone’s lips. Today we are sure of it, thanks to cutting-edge scientific research that, year after year, offers an absolutely unique experience in terms of plants. At the heart of all our products is a unique active ingredient, Rhealba® White Oats. This pioneering plant-based dermatological approach, committed to humans and nature, allows fragile skin to regain its balance, naturally.